What is Scotty?

As the Scotty family, along with our strong and experienced team, we work day by day in the field of distribution with our growing courier team, distribution partners, and users. By utilizing technology to the fullest, we deliver your shipments quickly, conveniently, and in accordance with hygienic conditions.

Our greatest wish as we embarked on this journey was to become a young and dynamic brand that brings happiness to people's minds when they hear its name, envisioning its colors, logo, and services. With our energy, flexibility, and robust technological infrastructure, we are taking this story we achieved in a short time further every day.

Scotty Hizmetler
Value Life.

At the core of everything we do is valuing. We value not only each other, but also everything that touches life with sincerity.

Learn and Grow More.

At Scotty, we believe in the importance of self-improvement. We discover new ways to be better every day and continue to learn.

Be Fast and Stay Agile.

Just as we strive to provide the best service in the shortest time, we also value agility in our way of doing things.

Take Ownership of Responsibilities.

We take ownership of every decision we make and the outcome of our work. We don't shy away from taking responsibility on the path to success; we own the job.

Be One as a Team.

We believe in the power of unity. As a team, we face challenges together and overcome problems with the strength of being one.