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plan for tomorrow, today:

reliable and efficient next-day delivery!

2 transfer centers

21 branches

detailed information

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Scotty Özellikler
Anında fiyat
Instant Pricing

You can quickly get price information and create an instant shipping request by filling out the form on our website.

Canlı takip
Live Tracking

You can easily track your shipment through the website and quickly see its current location.

Anlık bildirimler
Instant Notifications

Throughout the delivery process, you will be informed via SMS at every stage.

Fotoğraflı teslimat
Photo Proof of Delivery

Shipments are delivered with photographic evidence.


You can receive phone support from our helpline on weekdays and Saturdays between 08:00 AM and 10:00 PM. You can also use the contact form on our website to reach us at any time.

Haftasonu teslimat
Weekend Delivery

You can create shipment requests at any time during weekdays and weekends.

Taşımacı ile anlık iletişim
Real-time Communication with Transporter

You can contact the carrier at any time during the distribution process of the shipment.


All shipments are carried under insurance coverage.

Testimonial 1

We are pleased to work with Scotty, following sustainable customer satisfaction and secure delivery principles.

Ayhan Çalık
E-commerce Manager
Testimonial 1

We have had a very enjoyable shipping experience with Scotty, who considers our requests with open communication and complete transparency.

Mustafa Sercan Kan
Tuba Butik
E-Commerce Manager
Testimonial 1

With Scotty, we deliver our shipments quickly and smoothly. Thank you, Scotty.

Ebubekir Gürcan
Director of Operations and Administration
Testimonial 1

Scotty's solution-oriented approach and its commitment to user satisfaction are the main factors behind our long-term collaboration.

Kemal Gültekin
Neslihan Canpolat
E-Commerce Manager